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Tewart VIP Plan Questionnaire

What percentage of customers do you retain from your sales into your service department?

National average is only 19%.

Do you have a continuity program?

A continuity program gets your customer to continually make purchases from you. Not just an attempt at repeats but an ongoing program that drives sales to service and other purchases.

Do you have an ongoing, automated follow-up program for your customers?

Do you have a process to convert inactive customers to active?

People who purchased but don’t service with you are inactive.

Do you have a VIP or membership program for your customers?

Completely changes the behavioral patterns of your customers.

Do you currently offer and up-sell to each customer at time of purchase?

Are you experiencing lower margins or have you found it harder to make the same margins? (Gross)

Would you say that most people, including your staff, sell from cost up?

Do you have anything that creates a painful emotion if your customers do not continually use your service department?

Do you have an ongoing and automated process to increase repeat sales?

Would you say that dealership salespeople and managers in general sell price instead of value?

Do you agree you have to be dramatically different from other dealerships to be successful?

Do you agree that traditional, institutional type advertising is not working like it used to?

Do you agree that to increase business exponentially over a period of time you have to retain your customers?

Would you be interested in a way that guarantees to increase your sales to service retention, repeat sales and improve your NET profit per vehicle by up to $400 per vehicle that does not involve up contracts or upfront money?


If you want something that will solve all these problems and get you an additional $100k profit in the next 60 days, call Mark Tewart toll-free at 1-888-2-TEWART to stop losing money NOW!

NO contracts, no upfront money, no insurance or advertising -- just a new income stream.

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